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  An Affiliate of the American Dental Assistant Association

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Our membership is
made up by individuals employed as:

    • Clinical personnel to include:


    • Business personnel to include:
      • Office manager
      • Practice manager
      • Insurance personnel
      • Treatment coordinators
  • Educators
  • Dental Sales Reps
  • Affiliate members
Organized in 1939, the South Carolina Dental Assistants Association has continued to support its members by:
  • Providing quality continuing education
  • Supporting and encouraging formal education
  • Supporting educationally based credentialing for assistants
  • Supporting dedication to patient care
  • Encouraging fellowship, networking and enhancement of
    their skills and knowledge
  • Seeking to advance the dental assisting profession
    to the highest standards of performance obtainable
  • Continuing to seek recognition of the profession
    as a vital member of the dental health team
  • Communicating effectively with all members
    of the health care team
Mission Statement:
The South Carolina Dental Assistants Association is committed to advancing the profession of dental assisting through education, dedication to patient care and the recognition of the profession a vital member of the dental health team.
The Dental Assistant Pledge
I solemnly pledge that, in the practice of my profession, I will always be loyal to the welfare of the patients who come under my care, and to the interest of the practitioner whom I serve, I will be just and generous to the members of my profession, aiding them and lending them encouragement to be loyal, to be just, to be studious. I hereby pledge to devote my best energies to the service of humanity in the relationship of life to which I consecrated myself when I elected to become a Dental Assistant.
…Author unknown